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Jul. 28th, 2010

Wow, Evie is two tomorrow. I have wrapped her presents, still need to bake a cake tomorrow - Alastair's going to help me.

Kids are cute

Yesterday Alastair went to a birthday party and received a balloon animal and a couple of regular balloons. He was playing with them in bed and, having tied them together somehow, came out to triumphantly tell me that he is "a scientist. Of balloons." LOL.

Evie has been learning loads of new words; she's at that 'verbal explosion' stage. Some of my favourites are tickle, cuddle, stomp, and the little phrases like "where [item] go?" She has also developed a habit, when she cries, of saying tearfully "I cry" or "Evie cry". This is usually when I've told her "no" to something, of course.

Convenience? Pah!

Bah! I knew there was a reason cloth nappies were more convenient than disposable. Alastair's going down to his grandparents tomorrow for a few nights (or possibly up to a week if he wants to stay the full week with Emma) and I thought I'd be nice and buy some disposable bedwetting pants instead of my MIL having to deal with washing his night nappies. Plus the cloth is a bit more fiddly to get on properly if you're not used to it and therefore might leak.

I didn't do any grocery shopping this week - having deliberately stocked up so I didn't need to in school holidays - and of course now it's Friday and pouring with rain and I am contemplating whether to drag the kids out in the rain to buy disposables. And socks, seeing as he's managed to lose most of his pairs.

I guess Garry could pick some up on his way home but then I have to survive longer with the kids on my own, and I don't really trust him to buy the right thing ...
I love op shop scores. Guaranteed to put a smile on my face :)

Today I didn't find ANYTHING for the kids, but four things for me! A red Suzanne Grae skirt, which is too long for me but easily altered and PERFECT for a red, white and blue party I'm going to in a couple of weeks (friend's housewarming on July 4th weekend, her hubby's American); a gorgeous Basque summer dress (totally out of season but will be great for Christmas parties/an autumn wedding I am invited to); a David Lawrence winter-weight wool skirt; and a Myer long-sleeved top. All perfect fits, perfect condition except one skirt is missing a hook & eye, and for a grand total of $12!

That was probably my karmic reward for taking the younger two children to an indoor play centre today! Although even that wasn't too bad, Alastair found a 'friend' and played really peacefully and Evie was quite happy running around in his wake, so I got to knit for a few hours.

All I need is for the packages I'm waiting on to arrive, and it'll be a near-perfect day. Maybe if the dishes fairy just did all my dishes while I was at school pick-up ... ?

Argh, soccer mums

I think Alastair thinks he's running some kind of sweatshop here - he just told me I can't make a cup of tea because I need to be knitting his scarf. Apparently I must knit it constantly until it's done! ;)

I am getting so pissed off with one of the sets of parents on Emma's soccer team. Their son is definitely one of the more talented players in the team - there are two who are quite mercurial, two who are solid, and the other three (including Emma, I'll be honest) are not exactly setting the world on fire. That said, they need seven to field a full team so they do need everyone - yes, Emma often hangs back but she's still a body on the field and getting a few kicks in there. And she's improved as the season's gone on.

Anyway, this kid - I - his parents are usually both there and they often bring another couple with them (friends? relatives? I dunno). I's dad and the other man, often make fun of the kids if they duck or get out of the way of the ball instead of going at it, which is bad enough (these are adults pretending to duck, and then laughing). This week, I's mother made me feel like punching her, and I'm not often filled with violent urges. She kept insulting the kids, yelling "toughen up, princess" and that they were "playing like fairies". Basically any mistake they made, she was yelling at them for. They're seven!! Emma was almost in tears by the end because of this bitch. She said to me, "I's mum was shouting at us and telling us we were a bad team."

I'm thinking of sending a strongly worded email around the team saying that as a feminist and equal rights supporter, I object to her use of "fairy" and "princess" as insults, and suggest that insulting and humiliating young children is cruel and hardly going to make them play better. And perhaps that just because all the children are not equally talented at soccer doesn't mean they aren't doing their best, or contributing to the team (as I said, we've no extras).

I mean, as I said to Emma, I'd be mortified and appalled if I found out she was telling kids who aren't as good at maths as her, that they sucked and weren't trying.

So. angry. Raaaarrrr.
Ugh, today was a wasted day. I had to venture to the big bad shopping centre this morning (a.k.a. the Galleria). Somehow I've managed to avoid it almost totally since moving down here, but I needed stuff from the K-mart sale and there isn't one in the city.

I did manage to get everything I needed, eventually (new fitted sheets for Alastair's bed 'cos all the elastic's gone in the old ones, a bunch of random stationery, three birthday presents for upcoming parties, school tights for Emma, other equally exciting items). But Evie was screaming like a banshee on the bus home because she was sick of it, and I felt exhausted!

So then she wouldn't get off my lap for the remaining two hours of the day until school pick-up, and I got nothing else done. Arghhhhhhhhhhh.
Ugh, totally uninspired for cooking this week! I was last week as well - hardly stuck to the menu plan and we ended up getting takeaway one night. The freezer's all out of leftovers as well, except for some tomato passata.

Tonight is beef stew with rye bread. I've been cooking the beef in the oven since 2pm, has warmed the living room up nicely and now there's a lemon coconut cake in there too. I got free lemons and free bread off friends on the weekend :) (Friend of a friend works for a big bakery and sometimes gives huge amounts of 2-day-old bread to my friend, who passes on what she can't fit in her freezer. Really good bread! I just wrap in foil and heat in the oven and it goes all soft again.)

Tomorrow, hmmm, maybe pizza and garlic bread.

Wednesday, I guess I will take some of the passata from the freezer and add to some sauteed onions and mushrooms for a quick pasta sauce. It might be raining in which case we won't go to soccer anyway.

Thursday something with rice, I suppose. Maybe dhal, that's nice and easy and we've not had it in a few weeks.

That's about as far ahead as I can be bothered thinking. There are some sausages in the freezer, some steak, no mince or chicken. Too hard, I need a week off!!

I moved all the furniture in the kids' room around today, and moved Evie's bed in there. Maybe she'll sleep better in with the other two. It looks a bit like a dorm room now - three beds in one corner, a wall of wardrobes/cupboards, a wall of bookshelves/desks. Luckily it's a big room.

Meal plan

Tonight: potato & silverbeet frico, salad
Wednesday: pasta sauce from freezer, pasta
Thursday: chicken & vegie stir-fry over noodles
Friday: oven-baked fish & chips
Saturday: beef curry with rice & pappadums
Sunday: home-made pizza, garlic bread, steamed veg

Winter is coming

It's a decidedly wintry day today, so I'm trying to fill the house with lots of warmth from cooking (why pay for just heating when you can put the heat to good use by cooking with it?)

I've got chicken stock simmering on the stove with the bones of Tuesday night's roast chicken - which also made us some sandwiches, and then fried rice last night - dough rising to make pesto/cheese scrolls, and dough in the fridge for gingerbread dinosaurs. Alastair's put in a request for iced finger buns too, so we'll see how we go.

Time for a tea break :) (peppermint tea - my stomach hurts :()

May. 17th, 2010

Meal plan for this week:

Tonight - eggplant curry with rice
Tuesday - steak, chips & salad
Wednesday (soccer training day) - soup from the freezer (pumpkin, tomato or beef and barley), fresh bread
Thursday - spinach & ricotta triangles, roast potatoes, steamed broccoli, salad
Friday - pasta with home-made tomato sauce from freezer
Saturday - chicken fried rice
Sunday - pasta with beans