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Never mind nicknames people can come up with, or how the full name sounds when you shout it in your angriest voice ... you know those pencilcases with slots for the letters to put in the kid's name? They are supplied with letters - three Es but only two As. Alastair can't make his name!


Oh, and it's his 5th birthday today. Happy birthday Alastair! I should really make a new icon pic of him, hey?
Fark, Cyclone Yasi is now a category five. Stay safe, North Queensland.

We're not in Kansas anymore ...

These weather patterns are bloody crazy.

The floods across Queensland and many other areas of the eastern states.

Now a fricking cyclone is going to hit Perth? This sh*t just doesn't happen, people! For those unfamiliar with Western Australian geography, the north of the state is tropical, so they get tropical cyclones at this time of year (like hurricane season in the south of the US). Perth has a Mediterranean climate, the cyclones almost never make it down here - according to the news article, 1978 was the last time we had one.



Batten down the hatches! The kids have left craploads of stuff outside that I'd better try and secure, not to mention the stuff we don't have room for in the house, like the outdoor storage cabinet I JUST put up, with great difficulty, yesterday. Sigh.

To market, to market ...

I went to the Saturday markets with friends this morning. We had to get up bloody early, but it was worth it. My haul was:

- 5kg box cherries, $10
- 10kg box seedless grapes, $10
- bag full of nectarines, gotta be about 5kg in there, $10
- giant seedless watermelon, $6
- big box of rhubarb, $10
- box of tomatoes, $10
- 5 small butternut pumpkins, 5 for $2
- tray of 15 strawberry punnets, $15

then I swapped a few of the punnets of strawberries with my friends for a few red capsicum and eggplant. I also got some cheap rump steak, a whole beef striploin, and some frozen snapper fillets.

So the plan for the rest of the weekend:

- roasted tomato pasta sauce
- eggplant & capsicum pasta sauce
- pumpkin soup
- pit and freeze cherries
- hull and freeze strawberries
- stew & freeze rhubarb
- eat lots of fruit!

The grapes and nectarines will also be heading to the freezer, and I'll try and do some baking.
Alastair did SO well at his swimming lesson today. I was a little worried because there was no space in the absolute-beginner level, so I enrolled him in the next one up. He was fine.

Dec. 9th, 2010

I got everything I needed to get done yesterday & Tuesday, done. I also made fruit mince and the fruit is macerating for the Christmas pudding. Oh, and signed Alastair up for swimming lessons (Emma's already in VacSwim, but he's not quite old enough).

Today I need to make that pudding, bake jam doughnut mini muffins for Alastair's class party, make a tonne of phone calls (hm, made 2 so far), fill out forms and do various other admin-type things.

Tomorrow, as well as finishing off that pesky Christmas shopping (nearly done, really just need something for Emma), I need to go up to the old house and start sorting out the shed. We're hoping to have it on the market mid-January, although end of January might be more realistic as we need a few different tradespeople in.
OK, so I have costumes to make tonight. For Evie's ladybug costume, I'm making the wings as a cape kind of thing, so that they're easily removed when they annoy her, and will also be a good addition to the dress-up box. I also have some black paper to make an antennae headband for her. A remnant of red velour, and offcuts from the black skirt I've cut up to make Emma's skirt = black spots on red.

I just chopped the bottom off an old skirt of mine, will cut it raggedy and let it fray, and take in the waist. I cheated and bought a hat, because Coles had them for $5 and the newsagency didn't have any black construction paper bigger than A4 anyway, so I'd have needed to make a special trip.

Now if only I could stay awake.


Costume orders: one ladybug (for Evie) and one witch (Emma). Alastair's going to wear a Ben 10 costume he got at the Royal Show.

I know, we don't do Halloween. The kids watch so much American TV they know all about it, though! Evie's daycare is doing dress-ups on Friday, then they're all going to a Halloween activity day at Toys R Us on Saturday, and today when we were at our local yummy yummy bakery/patisserie, they had a sign up saying kids who come in wearing a costume on Sunday get a free treat bag. So who am I to say no?

The ladybug should be easy enough - Evie has plain black pants and T-shirt (might cut the sleeves off that or she'll be too warm), just need to find some scraps of red and black fabric and magic up some wings. I found an old black satin formal skirt I'd made, which will never fit my waist again, and will cut that up for a skirt for Emma and she can wear a funky black top that also used to be mine. I'll make a hat out of some black construction paper if I can find some at the newsagency.
This week's dinners

Tonight: steak and mushroom pie, salad, broccoli, cauliflower
Tomorrow: grilled fish, chips, salad
Tuesday: home-made pizza, garlic bread, carrots, peas
Wednesday: leftovers (there's soup & dhal in the freezer from this week)
Thursday: lamb koftas, couscous, cucumber & red onion salad
Friday: mushroom stroganoff, mashed potato, cauliflower, broccoli
Saturday: Moroccan sweet potato, carrot & chickpea soup, with some sort of bread

I've just finished cooking the filling for the pie and it smells so good. Yum!

Jul. 31st, 2010

Evie is dripping milk out of her sippy cup on to the table, and then getting her stuffed toy kitten to 'drink' it. Soooo cute, but I must remember to give the poor cat a wash later.